Entering the Monemvasia city you will be charmed from the narrow cobbled alleys.
In the main alley of Monemvasia you can visit beautiful small shops, coffee shops and restaurants . It is as if time has stopped in the middle aged period. The Byzantine castle-city with the mansions the Byzantine churches which are wedged in the houses, the arches and Agiou Markou coats of arms, remnants of The Venetians.

You will see almost 40 Byzantine churches dilapidated with great interest. Walking to the city you can observe the vigorous Venetian influence in decoration, even in the house’s chimneys that are built to the east side with balconies so as to admire the sea.
After you pass the mosque that it is converted into museum you will get the rising street that leads to the castle, to the rock’s hill. To the steepest place of the rock it is Agias Sophias church that Andronikos the second built in 1287-1328. You have a unique view of the down city and the walls from the castle that look like as if they slip to the sea. Near to the entrance you will see the bust and the house where Giannis Ritsos has lived.

There are a lot of timetable routes by bus from Gefira to the castle. You can enjoy your swimming to the beaches of Gefiras and Pori, Ampelakia, Xifia and Kastellas. You can also enjoy swimming under the shadow of the Castle at Portello. Portello is a narrow rocky doorway to the sea under the Castle big walls.