In the castle of Monemvasia you will find many and for every purse hotels and lodgings. The prices vary from 45 Euros for a double bed hotel room and they reach up to the 300 Euros for one suite in the castle.Entering the castle gate after 20 meters on your left you find reception of hotels Hamam and Vyzantino. After 30 metres on your left again you found reception of Malvasia Hotels. Other hotels are Ardamis Suites and Kellia. Rented rooms you can find at Monopati apartmens and several others. If you’re in Monemvasia and do not have enough cash to spend, you can raise some by playing online slots. You could win a handsome sum of money.

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Before we reach in the castle gate but on to the rock of Monemvasia you can find the hotel Lazareto. The rooms in the hotels are traditional made and they allocate all modern comforts in order to make your stay pleasant and comfortable.In many of the hotels exist also infrastructure Internet and at hotels Malvasia and Lazareto exist Internet Hot Spot with Internet wireless access. If again you are lucky, reached Monemvasia with ship then again you can have wireless connection in Internet from other Internet hot spots. The wireless cover, includes the harbor but also the bay on right of the castle. The supply of your ship in water and fuels is easy with a phone call at Skagos Oil.


In Gefyra you will find supermarket, 2 Bakeries , Bank and shops for your supply. Do not forget to buy traditional Monemvasias almond sweets. They are unique!In Monemvasia you will find 3 restaurants. The restaurant of Matoula the oldest restaurant in the castle, the restaurant Marianthi, and the restaurant Kanoni. At the restaurants try local recipes and also the famous local wine. Enjoy fresh sea food. If you are on the right season try “red mullet” fish from the local sea around the Monemvasia. Its famous since the medieval years when the Byzantine emperors ordered “red mullet” fish to Constantinople’s palaces.There is so much to say about the local Wine. Its a Wine that deserves to be written with a capital first letter. This is the famous Malvasia wine. At the end of Franks occupation, Franks order to uproot all local grapes and they took them to Italian Islands with the same climate as Monemvasia. Thanks to great effort of the local wine producer George Tsimbidis and his winery The famous wine is coming alive again. In the castle enjoy your breakfast at local café, and also your drinks at the beautiful verandas watching the sunset at the end of the day.


To the other mainland side at Gefyra you can also find many restaurants, coffee shops and clubs for the night.