Welcome to Monemvasia

Castle of Monemvasia. A living part of greek history

Monemvasia. Historical and archaeological location, traditional thorp, declare from the Greek ministry of Environment us a place of natural beauty.

Welcome to the Castle of Monemvasia. A beautiful place full of tales, History and magic.

In this website you will receive enough information regarding Monemvasia, so as to feel the perfume of the East meets the west and the hospitality you will experience when visiting Monemvasia.

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You are able to walk inside the castle of Monemvasia through the use of the 3D virtual tour. You can also read and learn about the history of Monemvasia and watch photos from every part of the castle. You may also learn about the local cuisine and the famous Malvasia Wines.
We wish you a pleasant trip throughout History and Magic. Welcome to Monemvasia.